Tipper lorries for hire

We have a smart, liveried fleet of our own tipper lorries. Suitable for bulk muck shift, soil, and stone haulage, tipper trucks are an essential part of demolition and excavation work. All RM Penny’s tipper lorries have self-sheeting facilities and forward-facing and reversing cameras.

Whether you are moving inert muck, hazardous or non-hazardous waste, tarmac, concrete, rubble or hardcore, we have the tipper ready for the job.

If you are looking to arrange for tipper hire then enquire with RM Penny using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team directly now on: 01761441832

A flexible tipper hire service

You can choose whether to load the lorries yourself, or take advantage of our plant hire service and hire one of our machines to do the job.

You can hire the tipper lorries at an hourly rate, or we can price them as part of a contract – whatever suits your project the best.

Contaminated waste services

Talk to our office about our contaminated waste services. Once we’ve received a test analysis, we can advise you of the next step, and what the price will be.

Our landfill sites in Bath and the South West

Many of our customers prefer to have material taken to our landfill sites for tipping. You can also use one of our transfer and recycling stations to sort waste for disposal.

Using our landfill sites, we will ensure that your waste is disposed of in a timely manner. If you do wish to use one of our transfer and recycling stations, our team will ensure that waste is disposed of for recycling and sorted for disposal.

Using Our Tipper Hire for Your Project

Our tippers are fully equipped for a wide range of demolition and excavation projects. Whether there is a large amount of debris to transport or waste to dispose of, tipper lorries are highly versatile and are used across a wide range of different projects.

As we have many years of experience offering tipper hire and plant hire, we can help you during your project or supply the vehicles that you need should you only require this. One of the main benefits of choosing to work with RM Penny is that we have a wide range of vehicles and equipment ready for you should you require this.

Choosing Which Tipper Lorry You May Require

We offer a range of tipper lorries with different capacities. This ensures that if you need a large or small tipper, we have you covered. Suitable for a huge array of different projects, there are countless situations in which you can utilise our extensive range of tipper lorries.

Tipper lorries available for hire

We have tipper lorries for hire with varying capacity. These are:

  • 4 wheeler lorries, 10 tonne capacity
  • 6 wheeler lorries, 16 tonne capacity
  • 8 wheeler lorries, 20 tonne capacity

Other lorries available for hire:

  • Roll on/roll off hook lift lorries with 15-50m3 waste bins
  • Ideal for all manner of disposal and recycling work.

Enquire About Our Tipper Lorries Today!

If you require a tipper lorry or wish to find out more about tipper lorry hire, enquire with RM Penny today. Our experienced team can help you source and use a lorry that suits your requirements to the letter. We can discuss your individual requirements as well as what you may need to complete your construction, demolition or excavation project.

Should you be looking to hire a tipper lorry or any other service that RM Penny provides then get in contact with our expert team today. We can discuss whatever requirements you may need as well as recommend additional machinery or plant should you require this.