Low Loaders with RM Penny


Another essential of any demolition, excavation, or construction project, we have low loaders available for hire. Take advantage of our low loaders when hiring other vehicles or plant from us.

  • Low loader
  • Suitable for transporting up to 40 tonnes.
  • Beavertail loader
  • A versatile flatbed with a hydraulically operated “beaver tail” for easy loading.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Low Loader Transport?


There’s a number of transport options that are available to businesses when they are transporting heavy equipment and low loader hire is ideally suited for a range of transportation requirements.

When looking for transportation options to transport equipment, low loader trucks are often the selected choice as they have a range of benefits.


Versatility with all Types of Equipment


There’s a huge amount of versatilely with the amount of equipment that can be carried by a low loader truck as you can transport all types of heavy equipment. This includes excavation equipment and all types of plant and is a top choice for the transportation of heavy equipment that has to be transported in one piece.


Easy to Get Around with Heavy Equipment


The low loader can also access the motorway, making it ideal for the transportation of equipment if you are carrying out demolition or construction projects across counties.


Ease of Transport Around Your Construction Site


It’s great to have easy manoeuvrability around your construction site as the last thing that you will want is difficulties in getting machinery around your construction site whilst carrying out a project. This is one of the most important benefits as it is very difficult to transport heavy machinery around a site without a means of transportation.


Construction sites are often packed with obstructions that are hard to navigate and one of the biggest challenges is getting heavy machinery around these obstacles. You need to make sure that you can navigate across these obstacles in a safe way and in a way that you do not damage equipment on hard to navigate obstacles. Using a low loader is also better than driving machinery on the road as heavy tracks could cause extensive damage


It’s not a surprise that low loader trucks are one of the most popular choices for the transportation of heavy machinery. The ease and speed of transportation, as well as the cost-effectiveness of hiring a low loader truck for your machinery, makes hiring one a great investment.


Low Loader Hire with RM Penny


We have low loaders available for hire for all of your construction requirements. Whether you are looking to transport heavy specialist equipment across a difficult to navigate construction site or need to transport heavy equipment via the motorway, our low loaders (beaver tail/flatbed lorries) are ideally suited to transport your machinery.


Enquire with RM Penny to find out more about our low loaders and low loader hire today. Enquire online using a contact form on our website or telephone: 01761441832


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