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High-Quality Top Soil

Our good quality top soil is found in gardens across the South West! We supply a wide range of customers including local authorities, contractors, landscape gardeners, garden centres, universities, hospitals, and domestic gardens. The top soil is available from our Ston Easton depot, near Bath. You can choose whether to collect it yourself or arrange delivery. RMPenny have a great reputation for its high quality top soil which we have been supplying to customers for over 40 years. Our topsoil is sourced from fields surrounding the Mendips and local areas, it is dry, of extreme high quality and screened to 12mm, this takes any stone and waste out.


Recycling is now big business in the UK in ensuring we provide a sustainable future. RMPenny are doing what we can to provide a wider range of sustainable products. We recycle 100% natural, organic materials from the homes and gardens of the general public and we are now producing a selection of high quality, organic soil conditioners and composts for our customers.

All compost meets strict rules in order to gain the BSI PAS 100 standard, the leading industry accreditation for compost quality. The standard ensures our customers receive a safe and consistent product which will delivery outstanding results for your garden.

How we sell our soils and compost.

We produce small 20kg bags

Bulk bags containing 750kg

Deliver loose in a small pick-up truck. Capacity of up to 1.5 tonne.

Bulk delivery

  • 4 wheeler lorries, 10 tonne capacity
  • 6 wheeler lorries, 16 tonne capacity
  • 8 wheeler lorries, 20 tonne capacity





12mm screened top soil

  • Consistent product for over 40 years
  • Produced from virgin topsoil
  • Best seller
  • Low stone content
  • No additives
  • Produced from 100% raw materials

As Dug soil

  • Virgin top soil
  • Raw material
  • Good for drainage as it still contains stone
  • Ideal for ground make up
  • Cheapest of our soil products

Multipurpose BS3882 Top soil

Contact us for more information on our tested top soil. Product analysis can be forwarded.

  • Easy to work
  • Produced from 100% Virgin top soil
  • Blended with PAS 100 compost
  • Can be perfect for new housing developments as it meets the relevant standards
  • Ideal for laying turf on


Multipurpose Compost/soil blend.

Benefits of our multipurpose soil/compost blend.

  • Screened to 12mm to provide you with a very fine product
  • Contains organic matter and soil nutrients
  • Virgin soil, taken from green field sites around the Mendips and surrounding areas
  • Peat-free
  • Easy to work and rake out
  • Good for root development
  • Very little stone due to the 12mm screen process.
  • High levels of BSI PAS 100 standard organic matter which we produced in our composting facility.
  • A multipurpose material

Organic Compost

Benefits of our multipurpose organic compost.

  • BSI PAS 100 standard
  • Suitable for a wide range of gardening activities.
  • Screened to 14mm or 20mm
  • Ideal for seed-sowing, container planting and potting.
  • 100% natural and sustainable
  • Good soil improver for plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetable
  • Improves moisture retention
  • Reduces need for fertiliser
  • Peat free
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces need for fertiliser