We have our own recycling depot close to our headquarters near Bath. We take in concrete material from demolition sites, which we then process by crushing and screening it into resalable products. The end products include:

Crushed concrete products:

  • Graded type 1
  • 40 mm scalping
  • 75 mm scalping

Drainage materials:

  • 10 mm clean stone
  • 40/20 clean stone
  • 75mm clean stone

Other products:

  • 10mm to dust
  • Bedding dust
  • Asphalt planings


Our on-site recycling operation

Clients often ask us to excavate their existing concrete slabs and foundations, and then process the materials through our crusher here on site. This produces scalping of 125mm which is suitable for a capping layer. By screening, we can produce other aggregates. We can crush any size between 40mm and 125mm.

Alternatively, you can hire crushing and screening equipment through our plant hire service.

You can either collect your aggregates yourself by lorry, or we can bring them to you. Please contact us to arrange collection or delivery.

Uses of Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregates are a more sustainable way of acquiring aggregates for your construction projects. As we can process existing concrete slabs and foundations, we can ensure that you can recycle materials that would otherwise have been disposed.

There’s a wide range of uses of recycled aggregates including bulk fills, road construction, use in drainage and embankments. The fact that you can utilise recycled aggregates from your project ensures that you can use materials that would otherwise be disposed of for other projects.

Importance of Recycled Materials

In a world where environmental responsibility is becoming more and more important, many businesses and organisations are focusing on more sustainable business practices. Recycling waste building materials is an example of a way in which you can improve the sustainability of your demolition or excavation projects whilst obtaining materials that you can re-use for a variety of other projects.

If you are considering recycling materials to create additional materials or to ensure that waste that is produced is crushed and screened instead of other disposal methods then enquire today to find out more about our crushing and screening services. Enquire using an online contact form on our website or telephone a member of our expert team now on: 01761441832

40/20mm clean drainage stone


10mm clean drainage stone   


3mm dust



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