Top 5 Garden landscaping summer projects 

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We are now well and truly into the heart of summer and it’s the perfect time to get out in the and give your garden with some well-needed care and attention. Here at RM Penny, we are proud to offer high-quality topsoil perfect for a range of summer projects for your garden. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 landscaping projects that can be completed with our bagged topsoil. 


1) Give Your Garden Some love

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It’s finally that time of year when your garden comes to life. It is very important that you take care of all the corners of your garden. It may be easy to neglect problem areas as you are unsure how to resolve the problem. One of the most common issues you may have within your garden is the erosion of specific parts of grass beds. There are many reasons for your garden to become eroded but this issue can be easily resolved. 


Simply by purchasing some high-quality topsoil and placing it on the eroded sections of the grass bed, you are supplying the surrounding soil with sufficient nutrients to recover. Once you have applied the top soil to the eroded area you can then plant new grass seed to help promote the growth of new grass. It’s that simple to help that eroded area of your garden to recover.


2) Kickstart Your own stunning allotment 

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Garden allotments are becoming increasingly more common throughout the UK due to the range of plants you are able to grow in the comfort of your own garden. Creating your own home allotment is a great landscaping project for the summertime and this helps to provide you with a sustainable food source. Using high-quality topsoil is extremely important for the success of your home allotment. This is due to topsoil providing great nutrients that help to promote the success of your plants. Why not get busy this summer and create a home allotment? 


3) Sprinkle Some Colour Into Your Garden 

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Your garden has the ability to grow an array of beautiful plants so why not take advantage of this. Growing plants will help to add some colour to a mostly green garden. There is a range of beautiful plants that are easy to grow in your garden, it may also be a great idea to grow some of your favorite plants such as roses or lavender. If you are planning to grow some new plants in your garden it is important that you provide these plants with the adequate amount of nutrients to increase the chance of survival.  It is very important that you take into consideration what type of soil is best for the plants you plan to grow. 


4) Time For a New Tree!

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We are very privileged here in the UK as we have the opportunity to grow a wide variety of trees within our gardens. When deciding what tree is best for your garden it’s important that you take into consideration how difficult it may be to maintain and how tall does the tree grow. Planting a new tree within your garden will bring your home to life with wildlife. Trees attract a wide range of biodiversity to your garden and this will be a great landscaping project for anyone who loves animals. 


5) Tiny Ideas With a Huge Effect 

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This last landscaping project is super simple but will have a long-lasting positive effect on your garden. If your grass and other plants are looking a little worse for wear during this summer months it’s important that you provide them with the correct amount of nutrients to ensure healthy growth. Applying topsoil or other soil products is a great way to add nutrients back into your garden. This is very quick and simple to complete but will have a lasting effect on your garden and will help your plants to grow efficiently and healthily.  


We hope that our top 5 garden landscaping summer projects have provided you with some great ideas for what you can do with your garden this summer. To complete a landscaping project this summer it’s important that you have all the tools and materials you need to ensure it’s completed to the highest of standards. Here at RM Penny, we offer high-quality topsoil available in all sizes. If you are looking for any high-quality topsoil to complete your summer landscaping project get in touch with one of our friendly team today – 01761 241387