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Plant Hire For Projects in Bath Investigated by RM Penny

Plant Hire Service Bath

If you are looking for machinery for your projects then you may have been considering plant hire. This is a way in which you are able to hire machinery specifically for use in a particular project without having to purchase machinery and maintain them. Whether you need to find a specific piece of machinery or need to find general machinery to complete construction or demolition works then we can offer you the machinery that you require. RM Penny have provided plant hire and machinery hire services in Bath and the surrounding areas for many years. In this article, we will discuss the types of machinery that you can hire from our plant as well as why you may want to hire machinery for any demolition or construction project that you are looking to complete. Should you require plant hire in Bath or mini digger hire in Bath then enquire with the team at RM Penny today or call us now on: 01761 241387

Plant Hire For Your Projects

Whether you are carrying out a small scale project that requires an excavator or an extensive project that will require a lot of heavy machinery then hiring machinery is ideally suited to all of these projects. As you may be completing a various range of projects, it’s often not ideal for your company to purchase machinery. Keeping machinery in good repair as well as ensuring that machinery is safe to operate can cause significant costs. The costs of purchasing machinery is also a significant investment and this can restrict the number of projects that you can complete. Hiring machinery is a great way to ensure that you can complete a portfolio of different projects and you won’t have to worry about investing in heavy machinery or maintaining the machinery in your possession.

Can You Hire Machinery For Small Scale Projects?

Yes. You can use hired machinery for almost any project where one of these machines may be required. If you are carrying out a small scale project such as excavating a plot of land or demolishing an old barn for example, you are more likely to want to hire a machine to make the labour easier rather than having to carry out the work with basic tools and machines. For the larger scale projects, you would expect to see a whole host of different types of machinery, especially for demolition applications. For businesses that are carrying out contracts, plant hire is an especially effective way to complete contracts or projects effectively and efficiently. We have a wide range of well-maintained plant for hire and this includes excavators of all sizes. This ensures that you are covered for whatever project you are looking to complete and know that you have access to a wide range of machinery.

Why Should You Consider Expert Plant Hire in Bath?

Demolition Plant Hire Bath

The April edition of our article investigates why you should consider plant hire and how plant hire is a fantastic solution in comparison to purchasing machinery.

If you’re thinking about purchasing machinery for use for your projects, you may want to consider plant hire as an alternative to purchasing equipment yourself. Plant hire is a great way to ensure that you have access to all of the latest equipment and have access to equipment that is maintained to the highest quality possible. Purchasing equipment is also a risky investment as the maintenance costs for the machinery, the depreciation of value and the storage required for your machinery can start to increase in cost over time. Not only is using plant hire a way to have access to the latest machinery without having to purchase said machinery, it also allows you to test certain models and machines to see how they affect your work and how much they contribute to the efficiency of your project. Plant similarly to all other pieces of equipment is constantly changing with different innovations and technological advances being developed. At RM Penny, we keep our plant and heavy machinery updated to match innovations and developments in the market. This keeps you up to speed with the latest machinery that is available as well as allowing you to hire the latest machinery that you may need. This service ensures that you can hire the machinery that you need for your projects and that the machinery that you hire is of the highest quality possible and maintained to the highest standards.

Plant Hire Vs Owning Specialist Machinery

Apart from the advantage of having access to the latest technology, there are further benefits of hiring plant instead of keeping your own machinery. The maintenance costs of heavy machinery can be hefty and you are obliged to keep machinery safe and maintained when carrying out work around your project. You can hire a vast array of plant and machinery and only pay for the machinery that you need to use. This also allows you to take on more jobs as you will be able to access a wider range of machinery. If for example you need to carry out a specialist demolition job and you have the skills required but need specialist machinery, you are able to complete the job without having to purchase additional machinery. This results in costings of hiring skilled team members and renting rather than having to purchase machinery for use. Niche projects which aren’t regular projects are also able to be completed as you will only have to hire your machinery for this specific project. Working with RM Penny ensures that you have access to the highest quality machinery that is regularly maintained to the highest standards. Should you be considering plant hire in Bath then ensure that you contact our plant hire team by using a contact form on our website. Alternatively you can telephone us directly on: 01761 241387

When is Plant Hire Appropriate for Your Business?

Operated Plant Hire Bath

The November edition of our plant hire article takes a look at when it’s appropriate for your business to consider plant hire.

If you are considering plant hire for a demolition or excavation project you may be considering when it is appropriate to consider plant hire. Plant hire is a viable solution to a variety of excavation or demolition projects due to the fact that you can hire the exact machinery that you need. You are also able to access the latest technology in terms of plant instead of investing in machinery that will become outdated over time. This ensures that your projects are completed faster and to a high quality. Due to the fact that we offer an optional operated plant hire service, this increases the efficiency of your project even further. There’s a huge amount of projects in which you can use our plant hire service and really benefit when carrying out tasks on site. In combination with the other services that we offer, we can support you during the entirety of your project and ensure that you have everything that you need to carry out your demolition or excavation projects. With the wide range of experience that we have and the variety of projects that we have completed and assisted clients on, you can be sure that we can help you complete your projects on schedule and assist you in many different tasks around your construction, excavation or demolition site.

How Can You Use Our Other Services in Combination With Plant Hire?

Along with our operated plant hire, we offer a variety of other services which you can utilise when using our plant hire service. This ensures that we can assist you in a huge variety of different projects, whatever personal requirements you may have. For demolition projects for example, it’s highly likely that you will have to have an asbestos survey carried out before demolishing a building (as asbestos was used extensively all the way up to the 1990s in construction.) We can arrange for asbestos removal before carrying out your demolition project to ensure that you comply to all of the relevant regulations and safety requirements. As mentioned, we also have a large variety of experience in specialist projects such as railway demolition projects. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to assist you and offer a comprehensive service to ensure that your project is completed to your specifications and adhering to all of the relevant building and safety regulations. There’s a great deal of projects in which your company or organisation can benefit from hiring plant. Whether you require an operated plant hire service or just need to hire top of the range machinery, RM Penny are available to assist you. If you don’t want to worry about purchasing machinery, the maintenance cost of machinery or if you need to require a specific piece of equipment for a project then we highly recommend that you consider our operated plant hire service in Bath today!

Arrange Plant Hire in Bath Today

High-Quality Plant Hire Bath

Whatever your requirements, RM Penny can provide you with plant hire to aid in your projects. From our base in Bath, you can contact us to discuss your requirements and we can find the most suitable equipment or transport for your project. We can either offer you a set price for hiring the machinery or you can hire the required machinery by the hour. We also carry out regular maintenance of all of our machinery to ensure that they are in working order. We also regularly replace machinery to ensure that you can rely on the machinery that you choose to hire for your projects. We also offer an operated plant service which is ideal for domestic projects. This service is also ideal if you prefer one of our team to operate or drive the plant for you. For more information on all of our plant hire services then why not contact our team today? For plant hire near me in Bath or mini digger hire in Bath, enquire online now or telephone our team on: 01761 241387