Muck Away Bristol

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Muck Away in Bristol Discussed by RM Penny

Muck Away Bristol

An essential part of the demolition process, RM Penny offers a variety of muck away services in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Whether you are moving inert muck, hazardous or non-hazardous waste, tarmac, concrete, rubble or hardcore, we have the tipper ready for the job. With the wide range of waste that is likely generated from a demolition project, it’s important to be able to deal with all waste that is generated safely and responsibly.

As there is a wide range of different waste that will likely require separation as well as contaminated waste that will require testing, it’s important to be able to access a variety of waste disposal services when carrying out a demolition project. With many years of experience in the demolition and excavation industry, the team at RM Penny are fully equipped to help you remove waste during and after your demolition project. In this article, we will discuss the importance and requirements for responsible waste disposal as well as how we can help you with our muck away service. If you are looking for muck away in Bristol or muck away services in Bristol then enquire with RM Penny using a contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01761 241387

What is Muck Away?

Simply put, a muck away service is a service in which inert waste is removed from your construction or demolition site. As these types of projects may generate waste at the beginning of the project towards the middle or at the end of a project so it’s important to have access to a muck away or waste disposal service at all stages of your demolition or excavation project. Waste comes in all forms and generally falls under the category of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Due to the fact that you may generate vast amounts of waste, it’s usually recommended to consider using your own machinery or utilising our plant hire service to help in the collection and disposal of waste during excavation and demolition work.

Importance of Responsibility With Waste

In a world where responsibility with waste is becoming more and more important, this naturally extends to excavation and demolition work. Many of our customers opt to have material taken to our landfill sites for tipping but we also offer the use of one of our transfer and recycling stations in which waste can be sorted for disposal and recycling. Should you choose to load the lorries yourself or use our plant hire service, we can help you in doing this. Our plant hire service ensures that you have access to the machinery that you need to responsibly dispose of your waste. You can hire our tipper lories at an hourly rate or we can price them as part of a contact, whichever suits your project the best.

For contaminated waste, we will request a test analysis. Once this has been received we can advise you on the next step and costings on the removal of contaminated waste. We have tipper lorries for hire with varying capacity. These are:

  • 4 wheeler lorries, 10 tonne capacity
  • 6 wheeler lorries, 16 tonne capacity
  • 8 wheeler lorries, 20 tonne capacity 

                                                                                                                                                                                     Other lorries available for hire:


  • Roll on/roll off hook lift lorries with 15-50m3 waste bins
  • Ideal for all manner of disposal and recycling work.

Arranging for Muck Away in Bristol With the Team at RM Penny

Muck Away Service Bristol

Whether you are carrying out an extensive demolition or excavation project, it’s likely that a significant amount of inert waste will be generated during your project. You will likely want to be able to arrange for the removal of this waste in a landfill or designated transfer and recycling station. We have designated landfill and transfer recycling stations to ensure that your waste is dealt with in a safe and efficient manner. For hazardous waste, we will also ensure that this waste is handled safely and disposed for you.

You can either decide to remove waste yourself or use our operated plant hire service to ensure that you can arrange for the disposal and removal of waste from your excavation or demolition site. We have a smart, liveried fleet of our own tipper lorries. These lorries are suitable for soil and stone haulage as well as bulk muck shift. All of our tipper trucks have self-sheeting facilities and forward-facing and reversing cameras.

As tipper lorries are an essential part of demolition and excavation work, we will ensure that you are fully equipped during your excavation and demolition projects. Should you be looking to find out more information on our muck away service in Bristol then enquire with a member of our expert team today using an online contact form on our website. Alternatively, give a member of our team a call today on: 01761 241387