Plant Hire FAQs

Why Should I Consider Plant Hire?

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Plant hire is a fantastic way to hire the equipment that you need for a variety of excavation, demolition and specialist projects. It also allows you to hire the equipment that you need and you won’t have to worry about depreciation of machinery.


Will an Operator Be Provided?

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If you’d prefer a member of our team to operate or drive the plant for you then this can be arranged. One of our trained operators will be more than happy to assist you during your project.


Who Can Arrange for Plant Hire?

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Plant hire is a service especially suited to a wide range of businesses. Whether you are a commercial company looking to hire plant to carry out demolition work or carrying out a private project, there is plant that is ideally suited to your project.


What Plant is Available for Hire?

We are specialists in hiring our transport and equipment. We have an extensive fleet of lorries, dumpers, excavators, low loaders, tractors and demolition equipment including crushers and slews. We also offer an extensive range of bulldozers.


Is Plant Hire Reliable?

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Our equipment and all of our plant are meticulously maintained by our specialist Penny fitters. Although we carry out extensive maintenance on all of our machinery, we regularly replace and update our fleet to ensure that all of our equipment is reliable and can get the job done.


How Can I Arrange for Plant Hire?

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Contact us with your requirements and we will suggest the most suitable transport or equipment. We can either provide you with a set price or you can hire by the hour.


Asbestos Removal FAQs


What is Asbestos?


Asbestos is a toxic material used extensively as insulation all the way up to the 1990s. If a building pre-dates this timeframe then there is more than likely asbestos present in the building. The extended inhalation of asbestos fibres is attributed to a wide range of lung cancers and diseases.


Do I Need Asbestos Removal?

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If you are carrying out a demolition project on buildings or a building that was constructed before the year 2000, you will need an asbestos survey. This is because asbestos is highly likely to be present in the walls or in other areas of the building.


Is Asbestos Dangerous?

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Asbestos is a highly dangerous group of minerals that are attributed to a wide range of lung diseases. Extended inhalation of asbestos fibres cause them to become lodged in the lungs, damaging them over time.


Is Removing Asbestos Dangerous?

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It’s vital to leave asbestos removal to professional organisations. There are a variety of regulations and surveys that must be carried out before a demolition project can continue. We will arrange for all of this to be carried out by our team conforming to these rules and regulations.


What is the Demolition or Major Refurbishment Survey?

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An asbestos survey must be carried out before a demolition project can begin. We personally undertake the Demolition Major Refurbishment Survey which was previously known as the ‘Type 3 Survey.’ This is an ‘intrusive’ survey where extensive sampling takes place. Then the safe disposal of any asbestos present is carried out in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.


Is it Safe to Transport Asbestos?

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Asbestos is a dangerous substance and therefore requires a safe transportation procedure. We will arrange for the removal of any licensed or non-notifiable asbestos from your demolition site. Only certain permitted waste sites can be used for safe disposal. Certain conditions also need to be met when transporting asbestos containing materials.


Topsoil FAQs


Can I Have Topsoil Delivered?

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You can arrange for topsoil, stone or aggregate to be delivered in loads from 1 to 1,000 tonnes or more. We utilise a range of transport depending on the amount that you need and your location ranging from pick-up trucks to lorries that are able to carry 20 tonnes.


Can I Buy Bagged Topsoil?

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We are proud to offer our high-quality, bagged topsoil. We produce small 20kg bags and bulk bags containing 750kg. Bagged topsoil is a great way to have access to the topsoil that you need in a portable manner.


What is Topsoil?

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Topsoil is the outermost and upper layer of the Earth’s surface. It is vital for organic growth and is where most of the Earth’s biological soil activity occurs. Using high-quality topsoil in your garden or in landscaping projects can promote the healthy growth of plant-life.


Excavation FAQs


What are the Types of Excavation?

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Excavation is usually the excavation of materials such as muck excavation, rock excavation, earth & topsoil excavation or unclassified excavation. These are highly important when creating new structures or clearing an area for a construction project. It can also be used to prepare for a demolition project.


What are the Types of Excavation Work?

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The types of excavation projects vary from domestic driveways to large earthwork projects. Some example projects we have carried out for clients include highways, commercial infrastructure, sports fields, lakes & landscaping & bulk earthwork including aviation, port and rail work.


Muck Away FAQs


What is Muck Away?

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Muck away is a service in which spoil is removed from your construction site during earthworks operations. This is an important service due to the fact that spoil is often unearthed after topsoil has been removed.


What are the Different Types of Waste?

Waste during muck away is classified into 3 main categories (inert waste, hazardous waste & non-hazardous waste.) Inert waste is less likely to affect other types of waste such as brick or stone. Hazardous waste is waste that is harmful to humans or the environment. Non-hazardous waste is a collection of waste products not harmful to humans or the environment.


How Can I Remove Contaminated Waste?

We can arrange for the safe disposal of contaminated waste. Once we receive a test analysis, we can advise you on the recommended course of action and what the price will be for disposal. Many clients prefer to have material taken to landfill sites but you can also use one of our transfer and recycling stations.