Soft Strip Demolition

Soft Stripping

Soft stripping is an integral aspect of demolition work. Buildings are adapted and changed all of the time and will require soft stripping at some point. This includes hospitals, office buildings, shopping centres and warehouses. RM Penny offers soft stripping services which will allow non-structural elements of buildings to be removed by our passionate and experienced team.

Proud to Deliver a Reliable Service

RM Penny is proud to be able to deliver this service with health and safety at the forefront of their minds as well as being environmentally conscious. From start to finish and throughout we work with our clients to result in the best possible outcome for them.

RM Penny thinks about all risks before work is carried out. We start by carefully planning all work and limiting the number of people that work in that area as well as screening off areas to prevent dust spreading. RM Penny will always provide our clients with a full method statement and will provide a risk assessment form for every project. These documents are specific for each project to ensure safety on site and to reduce the impact on the public and the environment.

Soft Strip Techniques

We use soft strip techniques which can remove recyclable materials such as timber, metal and plastics prior to the full demolition service. All safety precautions are in place before the soft strip work beings and all staff are fully equipped with the correct tools, information and personal protective equipment to complete all work in a given time frame and safe manner.

The advantages of soft strip demolition are vast, when you have experts working on your project it means that the work is being carried out to its highest quality and by people who have years of experience in soft strip work such as RM Penny. Soft strip demolition is also very cost effective as it ensures that any reusable building components are safety detached so they can be either reused in the future with no damage to non-structural elements of your building. One of the biggest advantages of working with RM Penny is that we make sure 100% that local environmental standards and regulations are adhered to during the project. This also keeps the project safe and meet building regulation codes.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Many older buildings have irreplaceable elements such as staircases, windows and coving which all need to be removed and handled with care to retain the history and value of the building itself. With new buildings and structures replacing old ones it is very important to remove the recyclable items as carefully as possible as 95% of materials salvaged from building derating can be reprocessed and used in new construction projects. Recycling means that fewer virgin materials are required and this reduces the carbon footprint of new development projects.

RM Penny will always survey and assess the area for the soft stripping is carried out. The survey will determine which steps will be required to prevent accidents and emergencies. After the assessment, RM Penny will provide the client with a detailed method statement, health and safety plan, risk assessment plan alongside other documents that will state,  reduce any risks involved and will provide a method of work statement which is both safe and environmentally friendly.

RM Penny has provided a reliable service since 1960 and is based near Bath. We have our own recycling centre which does produce aggregates and we also have a horticultural depot which supplies topsoil and natural building stone. We are very eager to work alongside you with any projects you want to achieve and will work quickly and efficiently whilst keeping clients staff as well as our own safe and sound. Get in contact with the friendly team today to find out more information – 01761441832