RM Penny provides a wide array of demolition and dismantling services. Our service is unique,  full service and ensures that our clients receive superior performance on every project. We here at RM Penny take great care to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal disruption to the premises and surrounding areas. We only use the best equipment and practices to sure your project is dismantled correctly and efficiently without any interference with the daily ongoings of the business.

RM Penny is proud to say that we use some of the best techniques in our industry to make sure you get the best value for your money and don’t have to worry about any delays during the project. We will work with you to create a plan to work out how long the project will take to the last minute and will include every detail. RM Penny’s team have the skill and equipment needed to carry out any task whether it’s large or small.

Our Dismantling Service

Our dismantling service entails the stripping down and taking down structures on a property or piece of land apart. This service can include removing parts of a structure as well as salvaging specific equipment. All dismantling occurs in a controlled site as we want the safety of your staff as well as ours to be our top priority. Only after we fully understand which assets need to be protected is when we will begin the dismantling process.

Our diverse portfolio of dismantling projects has been developed from a wide range of client bases across a diverse range of industries. Our experience in these different industries gives us at RM Penny an extensive knowledge base which allows an innovative approach.

Survey & Assessment

RM Penny will start a survey and assessment before any dismantling is carried out. The survey will assess the age of the structure, what the building was used for and which buildings or structures are nearby. This information will then be used to determine the steps required to prevent any accidents.

After the initial assessment, RM Penny will prepare a detailed method statement, health and safety plan, risk assessment plan alongside other documents that will address and reduce any risks involved and will provide a method of work statement which is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Arrangements for Dismantling

Before any demolition work takes place all arrangements for the project should be written down and formally agreed. All safety measures must also be spoken about before the work commences to help prevent accidents and also how to be prepared if one does occur. A few of the safety measures which need to be put in place are;

  • Making sure all staff are aware of the safety measure in place.
  • Establishing exclusion zones and hard hat areas.
  • Reinforcing machine cabs so that drivers are not injured.

All dismantling must be planned and carried out by professionals to avoid unplanned structural collapses.

Dismantling involves the careful deconstruction of building components for repair, reuse, repurposing or recycling. Dismantling is different from deconstruction because it usually does not generally involve the clearance of an entire structure.

The cost and time that is required for dismantling very much depends on factors such as; volume, complexity, site conditions, building type, time availability, materials, techniques used and available records.

RM Penny has years of experience in the industry and can assure clients that we will carry any projects out to the highest standard. We are always aiming to provide economical and environmentally friendly solutions to complete all work safely and quickly with all of the information above included from us to our clients. If you would like more information on our Dismantling services please contact us today.