Wantage Road Overbridge

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Contractor: BAM Nuttall Ltd

Location: Wantage Road Overbridge MLN1 60m 28ch Shift Time: 22.00 Friday 11/11/16 —20.35 on the 13/11/16

Work Performed on a Project Managers Instruction (PMI)

 Once possession granted Hand Back Engineer checking track levels prior to any protection placed on the rails and cables to allow the demolition wotks to be completed.


Starting to bring in the track protection which is laid over the running rails and cables to enable the works to proceed.


Showing more track protection going out. The sparks are from upright steel that went around the cable chamber and now no longer required but needed to come out to allow track protection to be placed.


RRV’s taking gantry’s up the line before it was shut to allow the track protection to go down.


Once it was daylight the demolition works started. A 35t & 21t 360 on the bridge deck started to breakout the brick arches.



Operatives standing far enough back to watch for any signs of bridge movement and also to stop anyone from going under the bridge whilst the demolition continued.


this fence was also put across the track to stop anyone from entering from walking up the track. In the distance red and white cones with bunting acting as a walkway from the north to the south where most of the cars are parked as not to jam up the main compound.


Picture taken from the new bridge of the 35t 360 breaking out.




Secound shift arrived Penny Supervisor holding a briefing with the operatives prior to starting the demolition.



A pause in the breaking out and a burning operative cutting off some of the bridge plates to reduce the weight when burning the beams to size to remove.


360 with stear on ready to start to break up steel beam as it is cut in to sections.


Steel beams cut and on the deck.




360 loading the dumper up with some of the concrete and brickwork broken out from the bridge deck and parapet walls.


Operative tidying up the north parapet wall removing loose bricks.


This picture shows just how many machines can work closely together all the banksman stood far enough back for there safety and be incontact with each machine on comms.




All of the protection mats clear of the hard core from the bridge. Start removing the track protection.


Started to lift the track protection and taken back in to the south compound.



NWR points manager in the distance checking the points now they have all been exposed again now most of the protection has been lifted.



Showing the track all clear of all plant and materials and the old girl has gone. But will be fondly remembered by thoose who have had the pleasure to have worked on this shceme.