Bagged Topsoil in Trowbridge 

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RM Penny has been supplying Trowbridge and the surrounding areas for many years with high-quality topsoil and we therefore decided to launch our range of bagged topsoil.


Topsoil is the perfect tool to use to enhance your landscaping area or garden and promote the healthy growth of plants within your project. This is very important for projects in which nutrients are needed for example if there’s patchy areas that need to grass to grow.


If you’re looking to enhance your garden, carry out a large scale landscaping project or are a municipality carrying out a project then topsoil is a great tool for you to use.


So read on to find out more about our topsoil in Trowbridge and how you can use it in your next project.


Using Topsoil for Gardens


Using topsoil for your garden is a great way to enrich the soil in your garden to promote the healthy growth of plants. You can use topsoil for a variety of areas in your garden ranging from your lawn to areas where you want other plants to grow.


Enrich Your Soil

Regularly adding topsoil to affected areas over time can improve soil quality and this in the long-term will allow for your plants to grow as they have access to the nutrients that they need.


You also won’t need to add extra fertilisers as the topsoil will have all of the nutrients required for plants to grow healthy. This also means that your soil will require less maintenance and this is great for gardening projects.


Topsoil for Your Landscaping Project


Landscaping projects may require a range of different plants that will all need the correct nutrients to grow. A landscaping project may be required when there’s an area that you are finding difficult to grow plants or grass on.


As you are likely carrying out a landscaping project for a customer, it’s important to have access to the highest quality topsoil possible as well as a range of high-quality soils and topsoils.


Our bagged topsoil is ideal for your landscaping project as it is of the highest quality. We source our topsoil from fields surrounding the Mendips and local areas local to the Mendips ensuring that it is dry and of extreme high-quality. We also screen our topsoil to 12mm which takes out any stones and waste that may be present in the soil.


Use our bagged topsoil to complete your landscaping projects and ensure that you deliver top-quality results every time with our extremely high-quality topsoil.


Topsoil for Specific Projects


There’s a wide range of other projects in which you can use our bagged topsoil. We have supplied topsoil to a wide range of customers in different sectors. As well as customers that are looking to complete landscaping projects or enhance their garden we have helped many customers from contractors, garden centres, universities to hospitals.


Our high-quality topsoil can be used for many different applications and we wish to help you with your project that requires topsoil.


We developed our bagged topsoil to ensure that you can purchase the topsoil that you need and can transport it around your project area. Enquire today to find out more about how you can use our topsoil in your projects.


Aquire Bagged Topsoil From RM Penny Today


Bagged Topsoil Trowbridge


Enquire with the team at RM Penny today if you are interested in purchasing topsoil in Trowbridge. Our bagged topsoil has a wide range of applications for your projects and will definitely help to ensure that your lawn, grass or plants can grow healthily.


Topsoil can also be used to repair damage from pests or from water damage. It’s also a good idea to think about preparing for the winter months and to plan accordingly with topsoil or other soil techniques.


If you are interested in finding out more about our bagged topsoil in Trowbridge or want to use high-quality topsoil for your projects then enquire with RM Penny using a contact form on our website. Alternatively, you can call our team directly now by telephoning: 01761441832