Bagged Topsoil in Bristol

Here at RM Penny, we are one of the leading suppliers of quality topsoil throughout Bristol and surrounding areas. Enquire today using a contact form on our website or call one of the friendly team now on: 01761441832


RM Penny is excited to announce the launch of our topsoil bags, available to purchase for your landscaping and gardening projects in Bristol. Whilst offering topsoil delivery services for our customers, we also know how useful it is being able to purchase topsoil bags for your projects. Our high quality soil is perfect for a variety of landscaping projects and provides expert results.


Our topsoil is sourced from fields local to the Mendips and other local areas and is utilised by a variety of different large-scale customers including hospitals, universities and local authorities. The soil we offer is extremely versatile and can be used for a range of projects. We take great pride in offering some of the best topsoil Bristol. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members to enquire today.


Whilst offering topsoil delivery to these customers, we also identified that we should develop topsoil bags to provide to our garden centre, landscaping and domestic customers. Our topsoil is stored within very high-quality packaging and can be transported with ease. We understand that many of our customers only need a small amount of topsoil for small to medium-sized home projects so we have created bags perfectly sized to accommodate these projects. Our bagged topsoil comes in a reliable bag that can be carried without ripping.


All of the quality soil products we offer are available in a range of sizes. RM Penny offer both bagged soil and bulk order soil. No matter what your plans are we can provide you with the perfect amount for all of your needs. To order topsoil bags in Bristol, enquire online using a form on our website or telephone our team now on: 01761441832


Using Topsoil For Your Projects


High quality bagged topsoil is a great way to have access to topsoil for domestic projects without the need to have it delivered directly. You are also able to store your topsoil for use when is required. Our high-quality packaging ensures that the soil can be stored until the time it is needed. We understand that when completing a domestic project you may not need all the topsoil at one time, that is why our quality bagged soil is a great solution.


 The Perfect Fertiliser

Being dark in colour and high in organic matter, topsoil is perfect fertiliser for a variety of plants. This makes our bagged topsoil perfect for gardening allotments as well as other landscaping projects. The high quality top soil available provides your allotments with the perfect amount of nutrients for your plants to thrive. We take great pride in providing quality soil to a range of customers throughout Bristol and surrounding areas. Get in touch with one of the team members today to enquire. 


Topsoil differs dramatically and varies a lot in quality. The topsoil that we have to offer at RM Penny is of the highest quality and we can test the quality of our concrete by request. Just inform us if you would like your topsoil to be tested. We will always go above and beyond for our customers to ensure that you are only provided with the best topsoil for your needs. Our topsoil is also found in many gardens across the whole of the South West, so you can be sure that you are using one of the best topsoils for your various projects.

Bagged Topsoil Bristol


The Uses of Topsoil


If you have sandy or barren areas in your home or landscaping area then you can use our topsoil to enrich the soil as well as allow plants to grow with the nutrients that they need. Combining topsoil with high-quality compost is a great way to give your plants the nutrients they need as well as ensuring that they can grow properly. 


Topsoil is often used in this way to bring back to life areas that have been affected by construction or have been damaged by mud or other common causes of damage to the ground. This is where topsoil can be used to revitalise landscapes as well as promote the healthy growth of plants. The topsoil we offer here at RM Penny is perfect for repairing damaged areas of your garden, if your garden is in need of some care and attention make sure you provide it with some high-quality topsoil. 


Did you know that applying topsoil to damaged areas of your garden will help reduce erosion? Your garden can become damaged and worn due to people walking over a specific area frequently. Providing eroded areas within your garden with quality topsoil will help promote the growth of plants and will help to reduce further erosion of these areas. 


High-quality topsoil can considerably improve the drainage of your garden. If your garden suffers from flooding our topsoil we offer here at RM Penny is a great solution for you. 

 Topsoil For New Garden

The Bagged Topsoil Available at RM Penny


The bagged topsoil that we have available in our range is of the highest quality as well as at extremely competitive prices. The versatility of our bagged topsoil ensures that you can use our bagged topsoil for a wide range of different projects, from domestic gardening to larger scale landscaping projects.


We’ve been supplying our topsoil to our customers for over 40 years and it is dry and of extremely high quality.


Whether you need to revitalise your garden area or bring some life back to a baron area, our topsoil is perfectly suited for your requirements.


Pick Up Your Bagged Topsoil in Bristol


Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with our bagged topsoil which you can collect yourself or it can be supplied to you for ease of transportation.


We have a range of ways in which you can obtain your bagged topsoil to suit your requirements.


If you are interested in finding out more about the bagged topsoil that we have available then why not enquire online using a contact form on our website.


Alternatively, contact our team directly now by telephoning us on: 01761441832