Topsoil Bath 


RM Penny go above and beyond to provide quality topsoil to a range of clients throughout Bath and surrounding areas. Enquire today using a contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01761441832


Topsoil is a soil that is packed full of nutrients, aiding numerous plants to grow especially in areas that have reduced areas of soil or barren soil levels. This helps to provide your soil with the nutrients needed to help promote the growth of plants.


Topsoil can be used across a range of projects and sees extensive use in gardens, landscaping and can be used across domestic and public areas. Perfect for ensuring that your plants have the nutrients that they need; our topsoil is highly nutrient rich and of the highest quality.


Having supplied our customers with high-quality topsoil for many years, RM Penny are proud to announce the launch of our official topsoil bags and bagged topsoil in Bath.


Whether you are looking for topsoil for your garden, topsoil for landscaping projects or to enrich soil that requires nutrient enrichment then our bagged topsoil is ideal for you. Our high-quality topsoil is extremely versatile and is perfect for creating a new flower bed or planting new grass.


Topsoil For Landscaping


With any landscaping project, it’s important that you can have access to high-quality topsoil to ensure that your plants that are involved in the landscaping design are well nourished and have the nutrients that they need to grow. No matter what project you have in mind our high-quality topsoil provides a great way to enrich your soil.


Landscaping Projects

As landscaping projects can often include a variety of different plants (potentially from across the world!) a nutrient rich soil can be the perfect solution to ensure that you can complete your landscaping project and keep your plants regularly maintained after the landscaping project has been completed.


Landscapers highly enjoy utilising our bagged topsoil and if you are looking to carry out a landscaping project then our bagged topsoil is perfect for your requirements. Our bagged topsoil provides expert results at competitive prices. If you would like to enquire about the topsoil products we offer get in contact with one of the friendly team members today!


Topsoil in the Garden


For gardens, the nutrient rich soil that ‘hungry’ plants such as vegetables need is perfectly provided by bagged topsoil. This makes topsoil a great addition to raised beds and other areas in the garden in which you are looking to grow vegetables or other plants. The topsoil we offer here at RM Penny is also perfect for creating a home allotment. We understand that home allotments are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the UK. Our topsoil is perfect for a range of plants and will provide them with the nutrients needed to grow healthily.


In gardens which lack good quality soil or where soil has become damaged, you can also use this topsoil to re-enrich the ground and soil to promote healthy growth of plants.


You can also similarly use this technique to create gardens where there’s no designated ground area in your garden. Regular use of topsoil in regular garden areas gradually improves the qualities of soil over time, leaving you with a healthier lawn with a better texture. You will see this improvement over time as the topsoil filters through.


Common issues that can be solved by the use of topsoil in the garden are:

  • Correcting or levelling out damage caused by tree roots and piping.
  • Making up for a lack of nutrients in the soil.
  • Correcting barren land that has been neglected over time (could be fire damage)
  • Compacted soil that has been compacted over time by people or pets.
  • Damage caused by pets such as digging.
  • Uneven lawns from the winter or natural animal damage (such as burrowing rabbits and moles.)

Other Uses of Topsoil


High Quality Top Soil Bath


We have provided high-quality topsoil to customers in a wide range of sectors and business, ranging from municipalities, universities, hospitals, local authorities and contractors. Wherever soil is required to be enriched or you need to fill barren areas with soil and plants then our bagged topsoil is ideal for your requirements.


Whether you require bagged topsoil for your domestic projects, garden or landscaping project then we can provide you with our bagged topsoil.


Our topsoil is sourced from fields surrounding the Mendips and we have been supplying our topsoil to our customers for over 40 years. We are recognised as one of the leading suppliers of topsoil in Bath and the surrounding areas. Get in contact with one of the friendly team today!  


If you need more topsoil than just bagged then do not worry! We also offer a lorry delivery service should you require more than 750kg. Our regular bagged topsoil is a small 20kg bag. Our regular bagged topsoil is a small 20kg bag. We are happy to provide topsoil for all projects across Bath.


Should you wish to purchase our bagged topsoil or want to find out more about how we source our high-quality topsoil then enquire with RM Penny online using a contact form on our website or telephone our team directly now on: 01761441832